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Pegah Tabassinejad is an Interdisciplinary artist with interests in directing experimental performances, net performances and interactive installations. She holds MFA in Interdisciplinary Art at Simon Fraser University and BA in Stage Directing from the Art University in Tehran. She also studied contemporary dance and choreography in Paris at Conservatoire de la Danse.
Her research is mostly around the notion of ‘presence’ with focusing on Gilles Deleuze and Gilbert Simondon. Pegah believes that the boundaries between disparate forms of art are thin; they constantly interact, influence and impact each other. She is recently interested in creating more interdisciplinary projects. As a theatre artist, Pegah is heavily influenced by visual arts especially and is practicing to make her performances between these two disciplines. Influenced by this, she recently created a performance based on Ibsen’s A Doll’s House that was a four-hour durational piece that does and does not happen on the stage. It explored the gap between the virtual and the real, and investigated the absence within the two worlds. She recently had a virtual installation named ‘Monitoring [Tehran]’ at TADAEX04 ( Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition) that had been installed for 12 days, questioning what is the real presence of Tehran dwellers.

Pegah has also created several dance and theatre performances, including her internationally acclaimed performance, Charisma, which has been performed in Iran, Netherlands at Dancing on the Edge Festival and Canada at Push Festival/ Push Off.

Specialties:Interdisciplinary Artist- Stage Director, Choreographer and Performer

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